My 7CTOs Profile

I am honored to have my profile featured on the 7CTOs site. The 7 CTO’s organization, which is based out of San Diego, has been active in the technology community for many years. It’s goals are (from their about page): To build forums around a curriculum that pursues & inspires innovative thinking Investing in the… Read More »

Toastmasters District 5 Blog Talk Radio Interview

Tune in to hear my interview on Toastmasters District 5 Blog Talk Radio with host Leticia Meireles, where I share 7 tips to improve your listening and becoming a better leader. Seven insanely successful key notes by leader Scott Koland In this half hour interview, I review these seven tips for improving your listening: 7… Read More »

My Home File Server Solution: Synology and CrashPlan

When my Windows Home Server (WHS) finally bit the dust last year, my shopping for a solution led me to the Synology platform. We used the Windows Home Server primarily for file storage for pictures and other documents, and while some of that was beginning to transition to cloud solutions like DropBox, I was still… Read More »

My Password Management Solution

In the world of technology, one of the major vulnerabilities of any system or data in the system is the password used to access the information. And password management is a difficult and cumbersome solution for even technology experts, let alone personal computer users. As someone who works in both areas and has given a… Read More »

Focus on Your Strengths

We live in a world today that is focused on fixing our weaknesses. From early on in life we are taught, in school and other ways, to compare ourselves and our standing with others, which is all fine and good. But we focus a disproportionate amount of time on fixing our weaknesses. If we instead… Read More »