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By | September 20, 2015

I am honored to have my profile featured on the 7CTOs site. The 7 CTO’s organization, which is based out of San Diego, has been active in the technology community for many years. It’s goals are (from their about page):

  1. To build forums around a curriculum that pursues & inspires innovative thinking
  2. Investing in the advancement of technology as a means to help communities thrive
  3. Training CTOs as effective leaders in building businesses and technology teams

I have found great value in my 7CTOs membership, where members attend regular meetings in a small group format with other technology leaders while working on becoming better leaders and on resolving issues that come up along the journey. From my involvement in this group, I find that I have improved my leadership abilities, honed my soft skills in working to achieve my goals in my role at work, and increased my personal and business network.

I especially enjoy meeting regularly with a cohort of like minded people organized around attaining a definite purpose – to improve as technology leaders. As Napoleon Hill describes this concept in his book Think and Grow Rich, this core aspect of 7CTOs is what is most valuable and useful to me. And this can be achieved by anyone within the framework of the MasterMind group.

There are many free MasterMind groups available on a number of diverse areas. Check out what is available near you on Or maybe you can create your own MasterMind group following Napoleon Hill’s principles.

Whatever format works for you, I strongly encourage you to seek out a group that will help you to improve yourself. Find a group of like minded people that will help you grow, keep you accountable, and help you achieve your goals, and I am certain you will see that you quicken the pace at which you achieve your goals.

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