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My Password Management Solution

In the world of technology, one of the major vulnerabilities of any system or data in the system is the password used to access the information. And password management is a difficult and cumbersome solution for even technology experts, let alone personal computer users. As someone who works in both areas and has given a… Read More »

When should you use the MVVM Pattern

I have been analyzing and estimating some Silverlight 4 and WPF projects recently, and will periodically get asked the question of what size of application is appropriate for utilizing the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. This is a great question, as adding any pattern will add a layer of complexity to a software project. If… Read More »

Getting Started with TFS 2010

I have been working this week on setting up Team Foundation Server for a client and have also been investigating the use of the Scrum 1.0 Template for TFS. In working through the installation, there were some considerations to think through when setting up the initial project structure. Microsoft has some good resources on how… Read More »